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  • Hi Folks, I have a small cooperative client that is looking for 1099-PATR Forms preparation software- they issue about 50 1099's, so they plan to manually file. Anyone have a recommendation for relatively inexpensive software that will print 1099s ...

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    I was just on the NSAC website and found location of the TCA being able to view in magazine view where you are able to flip the pages like a real book.... I then downloaded the TCA. It downloads as a pdf. Is there a way to still view the downloaded ...

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    Awesome platform for us to connect and communicate with each other and share ideas ​ ------------------------------ Dave Antoni, CPA CPA Tax Managing Director KPMG LLP Philadelphia PA (267) 256-1627 ------------------------------


  • How will recently issued accounting standards and pronouncements from FASB affect your organization?

    Join Michael Cheng for a 60-minute CLN and FASB update on Tuesday, February 02, 2021, 02:00 PM ET. Find out more
  • Does Your Organization Have a Healthy Employee Retention Rate?

    Discover strategies to retain an organization's number one resource, PEOPLE, in the upcoming CLN, Finders Keepers: Retaining Top Talent with speaker Shawn Miller.

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