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  • Do you have a family member interested in pursuing a career in cooperative business, accounting, or finance? Have them apply for an NSAC scholarship! NSAC Scholarships are a great way for students to achieve their educational goals while having some ...

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    CFO Opportunity

    CLA Search has been retained to assist CentralStar Cooperative find the next CFO to continue to move their organization forward. CentralStar has a rich history with more than 150 combined years of experience and innovation. They are a leader in delivering ...

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    Electric Co-ops

    House Agriculture Committee hearing spotlights innovation and leadership of electric co-ops in renewable energy ------------------------------ Colette L Slade, MSA Ann Arbor, Michigan ------------------------------

  • Hello to all, We are a startup cooperative and looking for a firm to prepare our tax return, we are located in Nathalie Virginia. Can anyone make a recommendation? ------------------------------ Sharon Mallory Consultant 2020 Farmers Cooperative Nathalie ...



  • New Member Welcome (5/16/22)

    NSAC is excited to welcome aboard its new members! -Andrew Smith, CLA -Bill Stegelmeier, Select Sires MidAmerica -Elizabeth Sokol, Frontier Co-op -Dawn Harrelson, Maplehurst Farms Inc. -Travis Brooks, CountryMark -Michele Jacobs, Hood River Supply Association -Sierra Staten, Douglas County ...
  • New Member Welcome (5/9/22)

    Please say hello to NSAC's new members!  -Jerry Weathersby, Cullman Electric Cooperative -Adam Hargett, Randolph EMC -Ashley Hataway, Covington Electric Cooperative Inc. -Brad Pavwoski, Cherryland Electric Cooperative  -Carol Boeland, Hennen & Associates  -David Speicher, Union Rural Electric ...
  • Registration Open for 2022 Tax Finance & Accounting Conference for Cooperatives (TFACC)

    After two years of virtual meetings, we are excited to be back in-person, in San Antonio, Texas, July 31- August 3, 2022. Registration is now open! TFACC is the premier national conference for cooperative tax, finance and accounting professionals. This program offers proven strategies, tools and resources to help your ...

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