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  • We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This week's Scoop is based on the blog post "What Does It Take to Move Your Business to the Cloud?" Click here to read the latest blog post. Is your business currently cloud-based? If you have fully transitioned ...

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    Through the use of Connect we wanted to post this member survey. !. Are you aware the TFACC is virtual this year? _____________ Yes __________No ________Other 2. Did you know that through the virtual TFACC you an earn up to 40+ CPE with online ...

  • We hope you and your family enjoyed the July 4th weekend! Although today's Scoop is not related to a blog post, a new blog has been published. Click here to read "Homeland Security Warns Over 'Wormable' Windows 10 Bug." What are some fun holiday activities ...

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