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  • I prepare 1120-Cs using ProConnect Tax online, it's an Intuit product and connects with QB files. It's cheap - I buy each one individually and it's $120 for each tax year (includes state and federal). The downside is the fixed asset detail - I don't ...

  • We use ATX Tax Preparation software to do 33 basic 1120-C tax returns each year for our local shipping cooperative members. Our cost last year was a little over $2,000 for the software, with part of that cost being able to do more returns (i.e. the more ...

  • Can anyone recommend an affordable basic tax return preparation software for Form 1120-C, cooperative taxes? I only need to prepare 1 cooperative return per year so I don't want to invest in an expensive software program. I use Turbotax for other tax ...

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    Axcess Tax Help

    Is there an accounting firm or large multistate cooperative that would be willing to provide a one or two hour training session in CCH Axcess Tax (we will pay for training) on how to get the income and patronage deduction to flow correctly to states. ...



  • The Cooperative Accountant (TCA) - Winter 2022 Issue Released

    NSAC’S technical journal, The Cooperative Accountant (TCA), exclusively for its membership, has released the Winter 2022 issue. FEATURED IN THE WINTER 2022 ISSUE:  Utility Cooperative Forum: The Future of Accounting Staffing Needs and Education By Peggy Maranan, CPA, MBA, Ph.D. ACCTFAX ...

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